Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Chicago Coder Conference 2016

       I had a good time at Chicago Coder Conference. Great new venue and lot of participation this year. That's a good news and thanks to the organizers.

      A good code is an art and it takes continuous learning to write good code. I could feel that urge in the audience to learn something new.

      I had an opportunity to present at the conference and my topic was "Business Driven Architecture".

      Business Driven Architecture, is a collective thought process to apply application architecture and design into code to deliver business value in development agility.
My presentation was about defining an application architecture and how to enforce design in the code. Design is an art and so how effectively we design our code to componentize the code base to focus on business values rather than creating dummy layers. Importance of Modularity and how it helps drive the development as well as deliver more effectively.

My presentation slide deck available on Slideshare and demo code on Github.

Enjoy learning and happy coding,

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